Theo Vu

Fat Asian Spy


15 and 1/2 years old.

MERITS Knows enough Vietnamese to have a simple conversation. Unseen Sense Direction Sense Fleet of Foot Eidetic Memory

Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Sloth

ITEMS Notebook, Flashlight (red cellophane to maintain night vision), Backpack, Water Bottles, Dog Food, Energy Bars, Sage, Sage Lotion, Lighter

DOG Josephine: 9 Year Old German Shepard.


Hi, My name is Theo1!! To be my friend, just friend request me, lol. :)

Some people might describe me as a precocious-socially-awkward-fat-asian-15 year old-boy, but I would say I’m pretty nice person too! I’m home-schooled, SO WHAT???! Public school couldn’t handle me, although my former teachers will say that I was a “handful”.

My older sister is completing her residency in pediatric medicine. My parents and I work for my totally, awesomely, cantankerous Uncle Vu at his shop New-Vu-Teas. It’s eclectic tea and herb shop that also provides herbal remedies as well… (whispers) which is a good thing. On a side note, I always wanted to write a novel, I think this will be good practice, LOL!

Weird things have been happening, a good way to help yourself is to smudge stuff. Thanks Uncle VU!

Theo Vu

Nevermore UncleDev